Youth-teenager Art Class: April 2018

3 word summary: Unique, Fun, Relaxing


We enjoyed the 2nd of our Youth-teenage art classes this weekend.  After the snow last month that kept many away, the studio was quietly buzzing with anticipation from 6 eager students.  Ages ranged from year 7 to year 10 students looking to learn something new and improve their drawing and painting – either for fun and relaxation or to help contribute towards their school grades.  Eshita found the class “Unique, Fun and Relaxing” which I think is one of the benefits of attending a private art class where all the students are there because they love art.  Students can learn and progress with lots of one to one support, away from the noise and distractions experienced in most school art classes.

Check out the Class Gallery HERE.

Read on to find out what the other students thought of the class.

Students comments

3 word summary: Unique, Fun, Relaxing
Most interesting exercise: Collage with Zentangles
Technique to use again: Collage
How will I improve? New artists to use next year for my artist studies
Enjoyably because: it is interesting
Eishita K

3 word summary: Unexpected, Awesome, Motivating
Most interesting exercise: Free flowing background
Technique to use again: Picking out imaginative shapes
How will I improve? By applying what I have learnt to my school work
Enjoyably because: Enjoy exploring and having fun with art materials
Faye D

3 word summary: New, Fun, Challenging
Most interesting exercise: Drawing side view of a face
Technique to use again: new drawing skills
How will I improve? By learning new techniques
Enjoyably because: Small group with personalised support, quiet, good atmosphere
Cody M

3 word summary: Creative, Art, Experience
Most interesting exercise: Collage and adding drawings and pattern
Technique to use again: Drawing with Indian ink and sticks
Enjoyably because: It is fun and you get a lot of creative liberty
Sophie R

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